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lory fossils are rare because the plants' soft structure was no▓t easily preserved in rocks.Dilcher's collaborators, Gaurav Srivastava and Rakesh C. Mehr▓otra of India's Birbal Sahni Institute of▓ Palaeosciences, discovered the fossi▓ls in Meghalaya, a state in northeastern

India.The morning glory family is widely distributed in trop▓ical and subtropical regions and includes about 57 plan▓t genera and 1,880 species. The sweet potato is the world's second most important root crop, and other members of the fami

ly are medicinally and culturally significant.P▓lease scan the QR Code to follow us on Instag▓ramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on ▓WechatSweet potatoes may originate in Asia, not in the AmericasSweet potatoes may originate in Asia, not in the AmericasSweet potatoes may ▓orig

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inate in Asia, not in the Americas05-23-2018 09:45 BJTNew research publi

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shed in t▓he Proceedings of the National Academies of Science on Monday suggests that sweet potatoes may ha▓ve originated in Asia in

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stead of the Americas, and much earlier than previously known.Paleobotanists in Ind▓iana University led by David Dilcher identified 57-▓

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